Going to Chicago

I am headed out of town for a Russian conference, so won’t be posting for a few days unless there’s something relevant.

I’ve had visitors the last few days. It’s great to have another adult in the room, especially when that person either knows Russian or is finding it interesting to be learning. The kids like it too; it validates what we are doing if folks want to come and watch.

Today my fun mostly-guy class wanted to do a story, and I came through for them. We did an Anne Matava story about a person who is on a train and can’t stop looking at someone because that person has a face of (Baba Yaga, in our case). This group of guys is so hyperactively focused that lessons go by way too fast for me. They kept interrupting the flow of the story to add little details about the main character. They thought I was getting mad at them for having side discussions in Russian to try to figure out what extra information they could include. Their chatter reminded me of how Blaine would always back up for more details, but in this case, it was the kids who were wanting to add more information. (A seventy-seven-year-old cowboy professor, named Woody, who teaches at the Yale University for cowboys was the main character.) I could teach those kids all day. I think they would stay in my room all day too.


6 responses to “Going to Chicago

  1. Chicago? But you’ll be an hour drive from me! Where exactly in Chicago is the conference? Send me an e-mail with the details, may be we can meet…


    • I’m at the Drake Hotel, room 548 till Sunday morning! I have only one thing to do so far Saturday morning. Would love to see you. But an hour???


  2. Sigh… Usually conferences (at least the ones that I attended) are held in the suburbs closer to the airport, in less fancy and cheeper hotels. But Russian mafia must have sponsored yours:))) Unfortunately, going downtown didn’t fit into my crazy schedule for the weekend. Had I known in advance… Next time you’re planning to come this way, let me know early!!!
    I hope you had a blast!


    • Darn…it had to be close to where the MLA meeting was. AATSEEL and MLA traditionally meet at the same time because of crossover attendance. It was VERY nice, and I enjoyed such fine digs!

      Did you realize that NTPRS is in Chicago this summer? Will you attend? I am hoping to be teaching there again. We’ll see.


  3. I did not know! I’ll look into attending or at least coming over to chat with people like you! By the way, my transformation as a teacher started at the NTPRS conference in Chicago 5 years ago. It’s a sign! You should come! I hope it’s not during dance nationals that my daughter competes in every year. Fingers crossed.


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