Returns on the Day

Since my birthday was this week, mine was one of the four cards that each kid made today during my second period class. I love getting their cards. Even though cards are sometimes turned out like factory models, they make us all think about the traits of the birthday people and the writers as well.

These cards show the diversity that result in a freshman class. Can’t wait for the next group! (It’s not really fair…I get four classes’ worth.)

This group doesn’t yet distinguish between formal and informal yet; and the “104” is not perception, but my classroom “age.” I was born in 1910, making me an authority on the 20th century. It comes in handy sometimes!photo-2

Birthday cards

Birthday cards


4 responses to “Returns on the Day

  1. Hi, could you explain how you organize the birthday cards activity? Spasiba


  2. Hi Ben,

    Here’s a link to a post with the explanations, and in the comments below the post there is a link to the page my first and second-year kids use as they’re creating their cards.


  3. I like this idea, but I am going to adapt it to be for a Valentine’s Day launch. I will use that those compliments to de-commercialize Valentine’s and yet at the same time offer a friendship card.
    You are so full of great ideas to bounce off of for our own creativity.


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