Games without tears

Today was the last day before spring break, and I’m not exhausted yet! Usually the day is crazy, but I was ready for student energy today.

I used the MSU Clear site’s Quizbreak  to set up Jeopardy-style games. I’d forgotten that I had Quizbreaks until I was looking for links to the ClassTools site, and discovered my Jeopardy game on Moscow. It didn’t take long to set one up for St. Petersburg, so I did that last night. As I mentioned before, I make the game work for the whole class by giving out whiteboards to any number of teams and individuals. They all get to write until the team that is “on” is done; then everyone has to hold up boards with the answers. I tell them how much they make. The team that is “on” gets double if they’re right, but they have to make their answer a question as they ask it. is also fun: I used the Arcade game maker with lists I already had, and it generated four different games and a flashcard set for each list (try out the link to the geography, even if you don’t know Russian!). I sat a kid at the keyboard and the group shouted instructions. Fruit Machine and Dustbin also look as though they could work well.

What was really fun was having the same questions on both types of games. The kids didn’t necessarily notice that they were getting a double dose of information. And best yet, they have to read!



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