One more game

Jenny Kelly suggested Babadum, and it’s been fun for the last two minutes of class. More and more, I’m trying to “leave ’em laughing.” There’s research out there that says we can improve or wreck an entire experience, based on the last bit of it.

Unfortunately, I forgot in EVERY CLASS that we were doing March Madness! (I forgot to take out the basketball hoop this morning, or the kids would have been on it.)



4 responses to “One more game

  1. This is cute, how are you using it? Things are intense at our school right now hope all is well with you. I keep on singing “Stayin’ Alive” or “I will survive” or something like that! Thank goodness for CI, music, MT and all of our friends! ❤


    • I’m just letting kids remember that they like it, so we play it the last few minutes if they remember or if we don’t do March Madness. March Madness (Most wonderful thing) has us going. Today “water” won out over “family.” That was rough.


  2. cute. Lots of languages, too! Similarly, for French, German, Latin, Italian, and Spanish, there is


    • I love Free Rice! I wish they would get to Russian! Babadum is at least a start, though I’ve found one set of switched vocabulary in about the first 15 minutes of playing. That’s not too bad, considering the folks who did it might not know Russian.


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