I think I mentioned that I had pasted our story into a table of one column on Word so that it could be cut out neatly, sentence by sentence. I knew the kids could read it really well, in both present and past tense, so I handed pairs the sentences. First we read the sentences out loud, then everyone got scissors and cut up the sentences. They mixed them up and put them back into order. As kids got them into order, I told them to cut out the white space and cut every sentence into at least two parts. Then they had to cut them into individual words to re-write the story.

This worked really well to practice reading! Some groups were still working on the first step when others were starting the word piece, but putting the whole story back together with individual words was a challenge. They read the same story (in two tenses) over and over for half an hour–making this a worthwhile expenditure of our time!

photo 1photo 2


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