Rubrics: speaking and interpersonal skills

I sent our TPRS teacher group the post on the final that I’m giving my advanced kids, and Karen C. sent me back a wonderful speaking rubric. Karen is the composer of the short-story and novel projects, and her ideas are always well thought out and elegant to use.

Here is the rubric. 

While I’m at it, here’s the Interpersonal Self Evaluation Rubric that I got from someone and tweaked a little. If it’s yours, please say so. I am deeply sorry that I separated the author and the original project. (The source may be somewhere on this blog.) I changed it from 10 to 12 points, because it was missing the “Answers questions” line, and I needed that. You might want to focus on just certain areas on a given day. I find that things are slipping a little at this time of the year, and kids straighten up when I refer to parts of the rubric.

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