Donuts, anyone?

I’ve been reading Will There be Donuts, by David Pearl. The subtitle is “Better Business One Meeting at a Time.” I thought that anything that applied to better meetings would also apply to my classroom. 

One of Pearl’s points intersects with a Susie Gross lesson that is for me key to the TPRS philosophy: sincere interest in others. Susie helped me understand how to use language to get to know my students, permanently changing both my teaching and social lives. Pearl says that being curious about other humans will improve every meeting. His idea of a meeting includes even the two-minute interaction we have with a barista.

I’ve been realizing that the most effective language acquisition methods and tools are all based on a similar concept: that the teachers make the content comprehensible, personalized, and compelling to students. Now I begin to suspect that those who understand human connections, whether they be at school, work, or play, also have similar foundations, and when they are cognizant enough to be able to direct others, they will use remarkably similar language. 




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