Coming to Kitsap County!

I am excited to be delivering a beginning TPRS presentation across the water from Seattle on September 6 for Kitsap County. If you know any aspiring TPRSers in the area, please let them know.

Please also give them my contact info. I am presenting in “flipped” style, meaning that I’ll be directing them to some pre-reading and videos. We will start the workshop with their questions and then proceed to discuss information that the questions don’t cover. I’ve now been to one workshop delivered in this style, and it was a fabulous way to get everyone on the same playing field from the beginning.

Everyone else, I hope to see you at NTPRS! I’ll be participating in three presentations: one on MovieTalk with Laurie Clarcq, another on Can-Do statements with Mira Canion, and one all by myself on PDL drama techniques.

If you’re not going to NTPRS, consider attending iFLT or any one of the workshops that Blaine Ray is putting on this summer. Inspiration is important!

4 responses to “Coming to Kitsap County!

  1. Michele,
    I was just about to sign up for this workshop when I read the flyer that Anna sent out. It sounds a lot like the workshop last year? Then I read your post and it says it is geared to beginners. I would love to come and see you and get a contact high from all of the inspiring things you have done this summer! Do you think that it would be a good fit? I have only $100 PD money per year and I don’t know that there will be any other workshops in the area this year. Thanks for sending your thoughts!


    • This is going to be a very basic beginning workshop. I suspect you and I could co-teach it, so except for the contact high, I guess I’m saying it’s not for you. Maybe you should come and just hang out with me Friday evening! Long drive though…


      • I would love to. It’s only an hour or a little more. If you still have my school email can you send a word and I can get some info about where you will be, get phone numbers etc. I’m not very organized but I might be able to find your personal email from the school address. Look forward to seeing you!


      • I’ll be at the Comfort Inn that Friday. Maybe we can go out for a bite!

        But really, what you should do is jump on one of those cheap tickets from Seattle to Anchorage and use your $100 as a partial payment toward our state conference! Bryce is going to be here, and Paul Sandrock, and we have great local presenters (including Martina and Betsy and Karen with her class novel idea…). I will arrange for pickup from the airport and drive to Seward, and you will love it!

        I know. It’s a lot.

        But really! If anyone out there in the Lower 48 wants to come up for AFLA, rest assured. We will get you from point to point, and if you need to spend a night with someone one direction or the other, we will host you.


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