PDL at NTPRS 2014

I just had the most fabulous group of people ever in today’s PDL presentation. Mira, Derrick and Dan were my student actors, and many people were incredibly gracious and supportive during the entire session. Now I have a lot of new ideas about what I want to do with this method and how to use it. Thanks to Anu for taking notes for me!

I didn’t get to say in the presentation that I’m hoping to go to Europe some time to be able to experience the class. I didn’t get to do any number of pieces with the group. The complete truncated presentation might take two hours, if I ever have as kind a group again as this one was. The Chairs exercise took longer than I might have expected, and we didn’t get to brainstorm about ways to use other things.

 Here’s the link to the unedited presentation. I still don’t pretend to know even a fraction about PDL, but it sounds like a number of people will be trying some things out.


4 responses to “PDL at NTPRS 2014

  1. I enjoyed the session. Thanks so much!!


  2. Michelle,
    Sorry I missed it. I looked for it, but got confused about rooms and such. It was such an incredible joy to meet you at the conference. I especially enjoyed expanding my “5 year old” Russian. It always brings back such happy memories. Looking forward to learning more – Russian AND TPRS. OK – tired kids. Bedtime routines are calling!


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