I am full of hope that this article on Edutopia has saved me. It’s seven steps to taking control of the week.

The suggestions seem really basic, but they’re kind of like Mom’s advice to start every day by making your bed. Everything else flows much better with that kind of beginning. Having a weekly meeting with myself to organize what has to be done is working (for the two weeks up until school’s starting in earnest, at least). Following the suggestion of creating a worksheet and then carrying it around so that I have something to write on when stray thoughts hit is gold. I guess that other people put those notes on their phones, but I have to see the ideas in print. I went so far as to create two of the worksheets Heyck-Merlin shared, just to find out which one would work best. So far, the one with all the different boxes is good, but knowing me, I am going to have to change things up later and use the one that’s based on times of the day. (I’ve given you links to my documents, in case you want to test them out. Or you can go to Heyck-Merlin’s site, where she has lots of planning and other resources.)


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