More slow

My workers are settling in well. They’re remembering most pieces of their jobs. Now I need to create a photographer position, as Kate suggested, and have pictures of them doing these jobs.

I have just a couple of minutes, but I want to share my amazement over my level 1 kids.

We’ve been sticking to the one structure (this is/is this? these are/are these?) and working it not into the ground but into a tree that keeps growing up. Maybe a beanstalk.

I created a little powerpoint for the kids: what’s this? and this is a … with the pictures of the animals we’ve talked about so far. At the last minute, I put in the phrases. The kids acted like they loved it. (Here it is; it’s really nothing special!)

The kids seemed to be reading so well that I opened up the first version of an embedded reading. It too was very simple. We discussed it as much as one can discuss a second-day reading. We read in English chorally as a class, with partners, and then I “let” them read it in Russian as a class. One of the kids mentioned that it wasn’t only sun he loves; it’s also rain. So I decided to go ahead and let them read the second version. They did so well! At that point, we put away the chairs and stood up in a long line of pairs, and I demo-ed Blaine’s popcorn reading with one student. They all started back at the beginning, but the bell rang and class was over.

At that point, I told them to put the copies into the class comp-book box, unless they wanted to take the papers home to read to their parents. At least half, who were headed to the book box, turned right around, asking whether it was really okay if they took reading home. Love ’em.


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