Fox Steals Phone story

A few things from today: first, we succeeded in videotaping because Lizette Liebold sent me a camera and a microphone. More on that exciting news later.

Next, I keep realizing the power of going slowly. In fact, along the right sidebar, you’ll find Terry Thatcher Waltz’s super seven verbs as recorded by Haiyun, and a Spanish beginning story post by Mike Peto on his sweet sixteen Spanish verbs. Maybe if I can keep myself to focusing on just these verbs in Russian 1, I will be able to do the whole year comprehensibly!

Finally, I am just delighted by the fact that when I googled (in English) the news story I’d found (in Russian) about the phone and the fox, a video came up in a Huffington Post article! I bet you can find it in other languages too, if you like the story.

We’ve been doing the “girl steals dolphin from pet store” story in every class, not yet quite making it to a parallel story and the reading about the fox, but we will get there, and now I have a video. This is all because Laurie and Martina taught me to google the structures and even individual words that we’re doing. Sometimes I come up with songs, other times videos, and often strange and interesting news accounts. Kids always do exactly what I did when I was in a Martina culture demo: I said, “Wow! This song has all the words that we were just using!” Duhhh…I did feel silly, but when my kids say that, I just act surprised by the news and pleased that they noticed.


4 responses to “Fox Steals Phone story

  1. Is there a Russian version of “What Does the Fox Say”?


    • Great question! I will google it! There’s so much about foxes in Russian folk culture that I almost don’t need to google it…the song would be fabulous though!


  2. Hi Michele,
    Can you give an example of how you google your structures?
    If my focus structures are: looks for, doesn’t find, is sad – is that how I type it in Google or is there a trick to it?


    • I have googled things like: bought a ticket, stole a telephone, little girl is sad, looked for keys (all in Russian). Sometimes I put things like “Song about buying a ticket,” or “stories for children about being sad.” Sometimes I click on “videos” or “images” in the search engine. I do get a lot of weird stuff, but as long as I set a time limit, I have come up with some worthwhile stories, songs, and videos. I also search for “strange news: ____.” (News of the weird can be a little too weird.) If there’s been an interesting story in the news that will fit, I search for it in Russian, then ask a related story that will fit and lead to it.

      There are really no tricks. I think it’s often dumb luck. And remember…in Russian, I have very few resources for easy reading, so I have to find readings on line much of the time.


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