Worthy links (40 Things to do with a Text and Videos)

I guess I need to start a Pinterest site, because I can now see that it would help me keep links organized. In the meantime, this site is my saving grace.

Cynthia Hitz is always hitting it out of the ballpark. Here’s a lesson (in Spanish) with a Vampire dentist video. I can adapt these ideas!


Bryce has another great first-days lesson up on his blog.

Click to access LA-CHICA-QUIERE-CAFE1.pdf

And here’s 40 Things to do with a Text:

Finally, I have posted a new video that I’ll use next weekend in Port Orchard. It’s how to use teaching a song and doing hand-TPR for both setting expectations and introducing new vocabulary. Not too flashy or exciting, but by the second day the kids know I want everyone participating.

There’s so much good stuff out there that I could just follow other people’s blogs and lesson plans for the entire year!


3 responses to “Worthy links (40 Things to do with a Text and Videos)

  1. There are so many great ideas here! How many times can I re-do my lesson plans?? Thanks for sharing, Michele!

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  2. You DEFINITELY need Pinterest 🙂


    • Because of you and Twitter, I had to cut myself off another social network. It gives me so so much! Now you’re saying that I should immerse myself in a new learning curve?? Only if you teach me so that I get the shortcuts…


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