It’s Monday

Have you ever had one of those days when you didn’t do anything you’d planned?

Yeah. That’s me today.

In one class, we spent nearly the whole period on the weekend, with a brief departure for a song. In another, we had to talk about the recent Nike Summit in Anchorage. I wasn’t in town, but my kids were enthusiastic about having heard Sergei Khrushev discuss how sanctions work and what it was like during the Cold War. They said he was intellectually stimulating and funny.

No, we didn’t speak in Russian about that. I read one student’s comments that he’d written for his history teacher, and others chimed in. We got to review the embedded reading about the fox and finally watch the video.

Now we’re going to ask the story in those classes of this wonderful boy-meets-girl song. Watch it; you might be able to use it, even though it’s in Russian. I think my theme for this semester is turning into meetings. I thought it was going to be fairy tales, but those are getting put off. This one can work with “meets/met/will meet” and “knows how to,” the next two structures for my intermediate classes.

In my first-year class, I had filmed the lesson I was going to be teaching some folks in Port Orchard on Saturday, so I’d rushed through the story with the kids last Thursday, giving them a quiz at the end before leaving them with a sub. As it turned out, the kids all got A’s on the quiz, but I didn’t know that until after today’s class. So after telling them about my weekend (in Russian), we did a bunch of drawing in notebooks and talking about what happened (a good continued introduction for numbers 1-9 as well). We barely finished. Here’s the cute drawing that the student who got the artist job today provided. It’s going to be a great one for re-telling the story later. (This is Bryce’s first-day story, by the way.)

I had a great time with teachers in Port Orchard, by the way. Visiting there makes me want to move.

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