Homework heroes (and MovieTalk suggestion)

Did I mention that I’m assigning regular homework to my level 2+ this year? It’s not just the “tell a story to your parents.” Instead, it’s a one-hour commitment on their part to finding something they want to read or study.

Students have already shared some very cool sites for study and reading. One student found an interview in Communist Pravda with Sergei Krushchev that sounded very different from what SK had said when he was visiting here. We’re going to work a little more with that for sure!

A second-year girl impressed me today with her reading ability in popcorn pairs (Blaine’s name), and I could see why she had made the jump when I looked at her homework. She had chosen to do a bunch of translating, and I could tell it wasn’t by google. I’m so proud of her! Yet another had beautiful pronunciation, and she shyly handed me her paper: she has no internet, so she’s found a Russian to help her read the children’s Bible stories that I loaned her.

Another quiet student shared a song by the group we’re listening to just now. His note on his homework said that the video has a great ending. I just watched it, and all you MovieTalkers out there are going to want to use it. Honest! It’s “Until our next meeting,” by Zveri (Until our soon meeting, by the Beasts).


9 responses to “Homework heroes (and MovieTalk suggestion)

  1. Please tell your student that liked the ending to the song video that I’m glad he found it and shared it with you. It’s great.
    Now, please tell me what they say to each other at the flashback at 4:07 in the video. It seems important. Thank you!


  2. спасибо
    I hope Google Translate got that right. 🙂

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  3. I don’t understand a word, but I LOVE this video!

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    • I do too! My Russian daughter thought it was crazy…her take was that the girl obviously comes from a rich family that will never allow the relationship to take place. That made me realize how much we could do with back story and predictions. There’s always so much more that we can do with these pieces. (And I love getting the Russian stuff out there.)


    • It’s just fine not to understand, in this case! It gives you free rein to use it.


  4. can you explain Popcorn Pairs? Don’t recall that one, but it sounds good!


    • It’s an old/new thing that Blaine brought in this summer. Kids are in pairs that rotate. One reads text (that the teacher knows kids can handle and pronounce correctly) in the TL. The other quickly translates that sentence into English, then reads the next sentence in TL. After a little while, students rotate to a new pair (every couple of minutes or so). In the new pair, they start where the slower of the current two left off the last time. That keeps everyone at about the same place, but they all start speeding up.

      It’s a good activity if everyone is understanding, and it works well to re-read an embedded reading that you’ve already done. You can have them do variations on reading the first one, the first two, the second two, or whatever works for your particular groups.


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