Technology ideas

I’ve been on a search this morning for an app that will allow me to send texts from my iPad since my phone is still AWOL.

I happened on a site describing how to use Google Voice for texts and phone calls. I’m going to check that out. But as I searched, I remembered that Kristy Placido does a lot with Google Voice. (Her blog is in the list on the right sidebar.)

Doing another search for using GV in language classes, I found this uncredited site for using various technologies in an ESL class. The site features great instructions and samples of work as well as the materials a teacher can use to practice. It also shares examples of how one might use the technology and recruits more examples. (I didn’t know you could set that up in a Google webpage…that is something else to try adding to my own.)

One of the ideas shares how to set up a Powerpoint for kids to tell a story (to end the time-wasting search for pictures) and then turn it into a movie. I would take my own pictures from a “tableau” activity (credit Carol Gaab and You’ve Gotta Be the Book) and use them to set up the powerpoint. 

Looking at the ideas on this site, I suspect the writer has at least some CI training, because a lot of the activities, while still output, are what I would consider doing at the end of a unit or grading period. Now I’m more excited about trying out some of the applications that I’ve missed doing because I couldn’t figure out how I would use them.

(Moments later: Oh, my! I went to my Google docs to find my homework list for my kids, and found a bunch of new spreadsheets there by Heidi Beezley with the ideas for using these applications. I guess that when you click on those in the site, they are added to your docs so that you’ll be able to make changes. Very interesting!)

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