Random must-watch videos

I came home from our AFLA conference wanting to share first the Mindset information with the kids. Bryce reminded me of a couple of other people I admire, and then Michel Baker blogged a video. I can’t think of a better place for me to save this stuff!

Here’s Michel’s, sharing a video of a university TPRS class.

Here’s Daniel Coyle talking about learning more in less time with the right kind of repetition. Here is his original video; at the end of which is his successful golf hit. I was looking for the video of his start-to-finish progress, but this works.

And here’s Carol Dweck explaining why she set off on her research.

This isn’t a video; it’s a Prezi link explaining how to be successful in Ted Talks. It reminds us how to do what we do, linking to videos that demonstrate the ideas.


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