All you need is one…

…kid to get things going. I have felt a little worried about kids who might have less to say than the ones who have talked. Today one kid changed things up. He said that he was dating a model, but that when they went out, she didn’t care that he couldn’t drive. She liked taking taxis, and she was especially happy that he likes to eat at McDonald’s and Taco Bell! Someone asked how she keeps her career going, but we didn’t veer off that way. We got a lot of true information about him, and he got to encourage everyone to think outside the box.

This first student took up a lot of class time. The kids, as usual, think that I’m going to be mad that we’re spending so much time talking about where a student is meeting a date, and I’m, as usual, delighted that we get so many repetitions of this reflexive verb that requires instrumental case into their heads. I figure it takes far more than the first 100 times to get the meaning, since it has so many forms, and it will take about another 400 for them to acquire any of the endings.

When that model-dating student left the room, he made sure to tell kids coming in that they should ask me about him. I got to tell his story, and then the next student in that class who came in was similarly having fun with his story. He was dating another model. Yee haw! Days like this, I could just pay the district to let me teach.

Don’t tell them that.

I’m using our map partners at least once a period to give us a means to stand up and talk with a new person. That way, they stand up, move around, and end up getting to know new people. In the meantime, we’re working with a new parallel story that will lead to one I’ve written out for them that tells the story of a song, and eventually I’ll movie-talk the song. I have to start playing the song for them. Whoops. Forgot that piece.


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