Back to basics – again!

I was searching for curriculum maps, and ended up finding great support on Martina Bex’s site (right after she suggested I turn to Yahoo Groups). Always go to Martina first.

But then I got distracted by links, and found Martina’s suggestions for starting stories. She gave me some new ideas for introducing vocabulary. I created a powerpoint with the three main structures and their definitions on each slide. First, as suggested, we did a little grammar talk, a demo, and a drawing with the structures. The next slides gave the kids sentences to translate. (I should have had them draw pictures of the sentences; that would have been fun.)

After that were questions: What stresses you? Whom do you envy? What must you do after school? We ended up drilling deep on those questions with individuals, but for some reason, having them in a powerpoint with the definitions on the slide made a huge difference. We interviewed a number of kids, and now we can add those answers to the kids’ “official” interview pages.

As a brain break, the students had to stand up and talk to as many of their classmates as possible for a minute, telling the partner either just one fact about themselves, or re-telling or making up a fact about someone else. That was not for real output purposes, but for movement and connection, but it was fun to hear.

Suddenly class was over, and now we’re in a really good spot to start tomorrow’s story about a jealous pumpkin who is nervous about having to be sitting on the doorstep.


One response to “Back to basics – again!

  1. Glad you found something useful. Love the changes that you made to the site, btw! I always make changes to my site when I’m trying to find ways to put off something that I don’t want to work on…haha 😉

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