Fan N Pick

Today I tried out Martina’s suggestion for Fan N Pick, as recommended here.

We had a lot of fun with Fan N Pick. Some of the kids had helped write the questions, and they were still answering them carefully–maybe because they had written the questions. Even though we’ve read the story twice now, having questions meant that some kids scanned the story again to answer questions, something I’m always happy about.

Martina was right about this being a difficult Kagan structure to implement for the first time. Even though I went over the directions very carefully, things flopped. One group got it completely right: they divided up the questions, passed them from person to person, and wrote the answers after discussing for a while.

Other groups, not so much. Almost none of the groups changed writers with each new question until I came around to have them do so. One group even recorded only the questions, rather than the answers! I couldn’t believe it! At least that group did discuss the answers.

Because this was such a challenging exercise, we’re going to try it again the day after tomorrow with this group. This is one of those times that I realize practice gets closer to perfect.

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