Finding reading

I’m always looking for authentic reading that refers to what we’re looking at in class and that my students can read. It’s hard to know what kind of searching will turn things up.

As I’ve noted, lately I have taken to showing Simon’s Cat to my classes the last two minutes. If I have longer, I show them once, and then do a quick MovieTalk a second time. Otherwise, I will then spend the first few minutes of the next class doing the next MovieTalk. It’s fun, makes them laugh, but is not authentic.

Today I had those last two minutes while kids were putting up chairs, and I had lost my link, so I searched for “Simon’s Cat” using Cyrillic type. Found the entire series that way. Then I found that there’s a page of Simon’s Cat film abstracts on Russia’s wikipedia.While the original source isn’t Russian, the writing is in Russians, for Russians. Wow! It will be easy and fun for my kids to read. I think I’ll have all the little summaries ready for the next time I have a sub. They are perfect for kids to illustrate.

This particular link isn’t going to help others, but it is good to remember that sometimes the simplest searches can yield the best stuff. Recently I’ve found great info on technology new forms of transportation in Russia, and a couple of new songs for next semester.


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