Assessment ideas on line from Edutopia

It’s lazy to post by connecting to a better post on the topic, but I can’t think of a better way right now in my study-abroad fog to save this set of five formative assessment ideas. I love Kahoots, and I’m fascinated by Plickers, which doesn’t require all the kids to have their own device.

This is on my mind because I think it’s easy to assume that a few kids “speak” for many in classroom voices, as Vicki Davis explains in the link. I’m also experiencing teaching abroad, and a visiting observer said that she would change two things about the testing here:

1. She would make sure that the test was supposed to measure what was being taught;

2. She would offer a test-prep guide before every test, on which all the directions for the test would be exactly the same as the test, and only the sample items would be different. A recent grad of her program said that sort of guide made it very easy to study for tests. I think it would make my current crop of students feel much better as they walked in for tests here.

Vicki Davis’ suggestions are for formative assessment, not for summative, but these suggestions are on my mind as I approach the new school year. I love formative assessments of many kinds, but my summative assessments would be hard to study for. I’m thinking about whether that needs to change.


3 responses to “Assessment ideas on line from Edutopia

  1. O.K. Wow, I really feel old now. It feels like she is speaking another language. I am not familiar with any of the tools she mentions and am lost at comprehending how she makes these meaningful to her goals with formative assessment. I guess I could go check out the sites??? It all feels a bit techy to me. I am so used to a more organic form of working. Let me know your recommendations for getting to know and understand the things she mentions. Thanks!


    • Soon! It does feel like a new world, doesn’t it. Will I see you in Kitsap County? MovieTalk is the topic, but I’ll show off other stuff too.


  2. Yes, I think I will be there! Thanks, that is a great idea.

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