QuickTime Screencast

I’m pretty pleased with myself. I used QT to make a screencast to explain to students and teachers how to add a recording to a Google website page.

That’s not the important part, really, because I don’t want the technology tail to be wagging the dog this year in my classroom.

What is cool is that QT is so easy to use now that I plan to record some stories on line for students. OOH. I could do a MovieTalk! Maybe I can record audio for them (a la Jim Tripp’s Garage Band plans) and let them play that over pictures that they find to represent the audio.

Update: I just tried the MovieTalk idea…and oh my…it WORKED! I played a short film, having silenced the sound, screencast over it, and (as my dearly departed father-in-law would say, “Bob’s your uncle!”) it took me only two minutes to do the entire thing. I will upload tomorrow from school, where it won’t take me three hours to put up three minutes. Watch this space!


4 responses to “QuickTime Screencast

  1. Consider recording the instructions for students in Russian. I saw that in Italian and loved it!


    • Such a great idea! I will do that on the site that’s really for my kids. The vocabulary is completely simple…

      You amaze me with the way you come up with better ways to tweak everything and then share them! Hugs!!


  2. Isn’t it pretty great?? I started using it this year and used it for a movie talk for a home bound student of mine and then uploaded it to YouTube.


    • I am stunned by how easy it is, though I did have to re-do my next attempt about five times because of dumb little mistakes. Wow. Would you be willing to share the link to yours? I will post mine tomorrow and then there could be two examples up.


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