Lights out

The plan today was to give students recommendations for reading passages that they could choose in order to start self-assessing their reading proficiency level. After a few minutes, when students had assembled the three websites that they needed to have open, the lights blew out. It was pitch black in our computer lab.

Evidently the power failed all through our part of town. This is the first time we’ve lost electricity that I’ve had the chance to see the light of at least 15 phone flashlights!

We headed out into the hallway and found a group of miscellaneous light-seeking counselors, teachers, and librarians. One of my favorites ended up right near us, and we immediately began a story about him. We’d started a MovieTalk yesterday, and one of our new words was “scientist.” We discovered that Mr. R is a physicist. Our translator started working right away, since Mr. R’s language is Spanish. We didn’t get too far before the lights came on, but now I think we have a parallel story to go with the film.

I was all excited to share how the kids felt about picking their current reading proficiency levels, but now we’re going to have to wait on that assignment. Instead, we probably had a lot more fun.


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