I was just thinking about how I could combine tactics that I am using from Mira’s recent presentation (who-what-when-where/how do you know?) with some of the song videos that I have used in the past, when I happened across Kristy Placido’s recent blog posting, and found she’s already written most of that lesson plan!

Today we were singing in seven languages all day, and next week is the last chance for reading before our finals begin, so I probably won’t start this plan until next year. I am going to use the “Russian Bentley Commercial” – it’s not a commercial, but a music video, and we’ll be able to ask/answer questions to tell the story to begin with. Kids have thought this story was crazy in the past. You might like to use it yourself: the guy picks a girl up, wines and dines her, and starts a relationship. Then, back at work, his boss asks him to bring around a car he’s been working on…

Thanks, Kristy, for crystalizing my plans!


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