Teaching Russian Online

This year I have a grand experiment: transferring CI and TPRS skills to teaching online. I’ll be using an online textbook with some students, and creating my own program for others. I’m not Señor Jordan. Wish I were! And Señor Wooly taught me a lot about film making this summer, but man – those two-minute videos take a lot of time!

I’ve experimented with two little Masha films. I take a lot for granted in a face-to-face class. It’s easy to get repetitions there! Online, it’s not so easy. Two other obvious pitfalls: first, that it’s almost impossible to personalize. Second, I have to depend on students’ learning to read in Cyrillic almost immediately, because it’s hard to get interaction otherwise.

So, here are my first efforts. Try ’em out. EDpuzzle is fairly limited, but it allows recording without programming. I have no choice over text placement or font size/color. Moving sound or text is difficult. By the second experiment, I realized that shorter is better. (But yes, the statistic of 79 to 1 – prep to interactive exercise – is true! I have spent five or six hours on these exercises.)

The beginning one:

Here’s the second half:

The video that should come about five lessons later, and demands a lot more reading:



2 responses to “Teaching Russian Online

  1. These are great! It was a lot of vocabulary all at once since I only know a few words in Russian, but my teenage daughter and I really enjoyed them. I think they will be valuable resources for your class!


  2. klasekastellano

    OMG! I did not know about resource. Sooo cool. Manos a la obra (I got to get to work now). Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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