¿Children’s Songs in Spanish?

In my search for fun things to listen to and read, I happened upon this subtitled video by Beatriz Montero. It helps me to see subtitles in Spanish. And I loved teaching children’s songs in Russian, or setting new words to those familiar melodies.

I finally learned enough vocabulary to be able to search for “canciones para el preescolar.” I’m still not finding as much as I’d like.

Do you have favorite sites for Spanish songs that are subtitled in Spanish? They don’t have to be for preschoolers, but slower and high-frequency vocabulary would be lovely.


9 responses to “¿Children’s Songs in Spanish?

  1. I never used his videos (because they probably didn’t exist yet), but there are several wonderful CDs and songbooks by José Luis Orozco. They range from finger play (“Tan tan” is one of my faves, and became part of almost every TPRS story we ever did) to songs with a specific pedagogical/linguistic focus (telling time, counting, e.g) to traditional songs, like De colores (though I always used the Joan Baez version of this fave). Check him out at joseluisorozco.com.


  2. I’m loving reading about your adventures in learning Spanish! Try searching for “canciones infantiles” and “con letra” (with lyrics). It might yield better results.
    -Buena suerte!


    • Thank you! My life changed when I figured out how to search properly in Russian, and this will open that part of the net world for me. Until a person knows enough language, it’s hard to search!


  3. Also, look here for children’s videos w/transcripts:
    It’s not songs, but might be helpful!


  4. I love lyrics training for pop music (probably not comprehensible to you yet, but compelling and catchy!). Here is one of my favorite Spanish songs: https://lyricstraining.com/play/sie7e/tengo-tu-love/HilzhbW11i

    It is full of cognates so it may come close to comprehensible, too. 🙂


  5. I actually finished two songs! Tengo tu amor and Tu regalo una promesa. So pleased with myself! The first is about 70% comprehensible (not really good) but the second about 90. Love it! Thanks so much.


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