A great song site!

Today I found that I could speak in Spanish about why I like living where I do without having to think about many of the words I needed, and at a much quicker pace than earlier. This week a couple necessary words were evading me, and suddenly they are in my head.

I am getting more convinced that I prep myself to acquire when I am talking to myself in this target language–or writing–just for fun, and relaxing about the vocabulary I don’t know. I just notice it. This is different from that language teacher concept of “noticing,” I am pretty sure. Haven’t read about “noticing” in a while, but I think it has to do with grammar acquisition. I pay attention without major concern to the bits I don’t know, and then when I run across them in my input process, they seem to stick more quickly.

The most recent site I’ve found is this Learn Spanish with Bilingual Stories. I love love love how the songs are set out. And the humor on the page is fun too. I got there when I was searching for good radio stations to listen to. I’m going to be downloading that playlist app. I haven’t got the time to figure out who owns this site, but if you’re out there, thank you so much!


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