Monthly Archives: May 2017

“Perfect Grammar”

An update on my path to acquire Spanish: yesterday we were Face Timing with our daughter, a fluent speaker of Spanish. At some point, since my husband was headed out to play a Cinco de Mayo gig, we lapsed into Spanish for a silly teasing argument over his lack of headwear. He claimed that real Mexican musicians didn’t wear sombreros, and didn’t know where it was, so I said I’d seen it somewhere in the house…

I had the past tense verb! It came out of me (and then I checked, because I suddenly thought what I had said might mean something else). Karl responded, and after another minute, my daughter started laughing uncontrollably. Nervous, I asked why, and she explained that Karl was making up Spanish words from his Italian background, and that my Spanish was textbook perfect grammar.

I do remember that when folks said my Russian was perfect grammatically, it meant “somewhat stilted,” but I’m taking this as a compliment.