IMG_5283I was very happy to get these stress reliever balls in the mail from Amazon on Monday. I sat down with an Immersion Spanish teacher to figure out all the phrases I’d need, since I don’t have the vocabulary in my head. We ended up with three categories of expressions, and today, my kinders, first-graders and second-graders were absolutely engaged, trying to get me to roll them the three balls that we were using. I was setting up behavior expectations – raise your hand, wait your turn, sit properly in the right place, treat the balls correctly – more than I was focusing on language acquisition, but they loved the entire experience, and it’s amazing how fast they produced the chunks of language. We started with just one ball, asking who felt that way, moved on to “sí/no,” based on what phrases went with each ball, moved to “or” questions, did several mini stories about why the individual balls felt how they looked, what they said, and then the kids were pretty much producing the phrases. And then class was over. I never got to our animal color discussion.

The three categories were “Estoy,” “Me…” and “Tengo.” The three bolded phrases are the ones we used today, and they may be enough for a while. I hope I get them all here. If you notice additional ways to say things or corrections, please let me know. The first grade also has “I’m excited,” “I’m shy,” “I’m hurt” on their board, so with them, we used “Me duele…” (one had hurt his hand).

Me siento feliz, me siento mal, me siento orgulloso, me da risa, me da asco.

Estoy aburrida, estoy asustado, estoy super encanto, estoy triste.

Tengo miedo, tengo vergüenza, tengo celos.

It’s a little difficult to differentiate among all these balls. Because my Spanish is so limited, I’m going to be using the ones that seem most necessary, and then I’ll ask kids what the balls look like to them and figure the matching phrases out slowly. A kindergarten teacher who reviewed the balls said she would ask kids to make the faces they see, and I know there are many other ideas that could come. Share, please!

Note…today the price went down on the set of twelve to $8.00.




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