Daily Archives: October 8, 2018

CI is working!

Just a silly note. First, I am deeply appreciative of Mira Canion, whose teaching guides for novels are beyond wonderful. Second, did you all know that this stuff works on us? I know I’ve been excited before, but all my singing (thanks, Duke, for that long-ago experiment of 25 songs) and the box of books from Mira, who sent me the ones she bought while she was on exchange, seem to have just pushed me up a level. Suddenly, I can read the year three ones at almost the same speed I read in Russian. And I’m beginning to be able to make grammar pop-ups for myself as though for my kids: “fue is because he just went. Iba is what he was doing.” When I send my stories through my teacher helper, I get almost everything right (granted, it’s basic, but now mistakes are usually typos rather than stuff I had no idea about).

It’s SOOOO empowering!

Yeah, I’ve said that before. But I can feel my Spanish brain improving, and that is more fun than it has any right to be.

(PS if I have fue/iba wrong, please let me know. I have not studied Spanish! Right now I’m trying to understand why sometimes I see hacía and sometimes hacia, both in situations where to me it means “toward.” Could one be a typo? I understand that hacían means “they made,” as in “they made ceramics.”)