CI continuing to show benefits

I haven’t been in school for two weeks, having decamped for ACTFL and the school’s Thanksgiving week break. I expected complete disarray, but today I was almost open–mouthed because…my first-graders remembered and repeated for me what we’ve already read of Edi el Elefante, the kinders jumped back into our weather and cookies story. The fourth and fifth-graders were completely on task and excited about our Somos Corre corre story, and the second-graders knew their lines for the play we’ll do for their parents. Even my crazy wonderful third-graders shared thoughtful comments for why they want to acquire Spanish (in English; I was thinking we needed a bit of a reminder). And then…we went right to Es Una Ganga and they drank it in.

If I needed proof that kids acquire with great CI support, despite a poor speaker, I got it in spades. They hadn’t backtracked. If anything, their brains had been at work. Either that, or the admin who stood in for me for two days is a miracle worker.

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