Ups and Downs

Mira Canion suggested I check out the Netflix show Trotsky. I kept the audio on Russian and put Spanish subtitles on. And guess what…I understood most of the Spanish, even when I couldn’t quite catch the Russian. I’m blaming my Russian deficiency on the poetry that opened the show and the fact that I was trying to crochet while watching. But recently, a Russian commented that my spoken language is now permeated with a Spanish accent. Uh oh…

I’m about to embark on teaching at the college level. I’m daunted by needing to learn the LMS, which is Blackboard in this case. Luckily, I am staying with my sister, whose husband is an expert. He helped me set up the grade book. Otherwise, it would have taken me many frustrating hours, and I might still not be happy with the results. I am not quite sure how college students will react to my system of Interpersonal and Interpretive standards-based grading. We’ll see. I’m going to follow an implied suggestion on BVP’s former podcast website: to substitute essays with Discourse Scrambles in the second-semester course. (That means I have to create the scrambles, but no problem…someone commented on how Kahoot has introduced a twist on scrambles, so I will try to find that for class practice.) I wish wish wish that Russian were as well-supported as Spanish is in the teaching world, but thanks to ACTR webinars, I have a long list of sites I hadn’t heard of to use.

My Spanish classes start up again in two days. I don’t have the language to talk about what kids did on their vacations, so I’ll be looking for resources on line. But then, I’m going to get back to the solid curricula that was supporting me instead of doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I think I was confusing kids. Two days a week is really not enough.

At the risk of heading on tangents, I’ll still ask…what is new out there in the CI / TPRS world?

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