New toys

Two new toys this week!

  1. Wordle, which I can play in English, Spanish, and Russian. It is also available at least in German and French. Yesterday I got the English only after two tries, but had the Spanish in two and the Russian in three. Score!!
  2. Seeing ai – a great tool if students have visual impairments. But for others, download the seeing ai app – iPhone only, sadly – and make sure your phone is in the language you want to speak. Click on the house and tree icon, and take a picture of something; or click on the person icon, and take a picture of someone. I just took a picture of a scene on my laptop, and it says, “Imagen de hombre con la puerta abierta.” (image of a man with an open door) And then I pointed it at myself and it said, “Mujer de 50 años con cabello castaño con gafas que parece ser neutral.” (50-year-old woman with brown hair and glasses, neutral expression) I can’t wait to point it at kids in class. It took more than a decade off my age, so that was kind! In Russian, I checked out as older if I was smiling. Does it show more wrinkles? It says “52-year-old woman with brown hair in glasses who seems happy.” (And yes, I just took off a hat before taking this.)

To change the language on your iPhone, go to Settings, then General, then Languages. Be careful to choose a language you know, or it’s hard to get back to English if you want it.


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