Unit Overview


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Sample Unit: Introductory Lesson (each lesson has similar activities)

Profiles: English VoiceThread with why you’re taking the class, one interesting thing about yourself, and one question for others. Listen to three students who don’t yet have another comment, and answer their question.

VoiceThread Russian introductions: Listen to recordings of people introducing themselves and others. When comfortable with “my name is,” and “this is,” introduce yourself on your VT page. Find a funny picture of someone in your family, friends, or even in public life. Use “this is,” to introduce the person (or animal) to your classmates. (Listen to the teacher’s sample as well.) You can use just their name, or their relationship to you, if you feel comfortable adding that.

Follow-up: listen to your classmates’s VTs, and create a visual (graph, pie chart, other) that reflects whom your classmates have introduced. (Use wp, drawing, or spreadsheet program to create, or do by hand and upload a photo.) Label it in Russian to the extent possible and add your visual to the Google presentation. See the sample.

Future forums: Teacher asks similar questions of students to become the basis for summaries (readings/teacher videos) about those in the class.

Vocabulary Preview: Quizlet or other game for the first high-frequency vocabulary set for the unit, so that students can see and hear the words that they’ll be using.

Teacher-prepared video about introductions, followed up by quiz.

Online textbook introduction to set a routine of listening, reading, and writing practice

Pair project (writing): (Google presentation) to caption pictures with appropriate greetings, questions and answers.

Personal writing: create a meme with two phrases.

Oral pair work on Skype to show their family pictures.

Rubrics for each activity (maybe rubrics are in the syllabus too).

Grammar: for future  units, 15-20 second videos to provide grammar pop-ups. Online exercises for “what sounds right” and follow-up to horizontal conjugation/declination. Include required grammatical structures in fast writes.

Art: in every unit, include a music connection and a drawing activity.

Reflect and respond: what was the activity that you enjoyed most? What did you spend the most time on? What would improve this unit? What will you do to improve your acquisition in future units?